Family Dentistry Colmar, PA

At Dental Health Group, we are proud to provide dental care for patients of all ages. When you need a dentist to care for your whole family, you want to choose a practice that will work with your schedule. We work with our patients to ensure that each family member can get the care they need.

Our team will also do all they can to ensure that children and adults can be seen on the same day. Learn about the family dentistry services we offer for patients in the Colmar, PA area and the importance of routine care for all ages.

Family Dentistry in Colmar, PA

Teething and Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

A baby’s first tooth typically erupts between 6 to 12 months of age. During this time, babies can experience sore or tender gums. Rubbing sore gums gently with a clean finger, the back of a cold spoon, or a wet cloth helps soothe them. Teething rings work well. 

Baby bottle tooth decay is also a common problem when a bottle is left in an infant’s mouth while sleeping, contributing to decay. This happens because sugar in the liquid mixes with bacteria in dental plaque, forming acids that attack the tooth enamel. Each time a child drinks liquids containing sugar, acids attack the teeth for about 20 minutes.

When awake, saliva carries away the liquid. During sleep, the saliva flow significantly decreases, and liquids pool around the child’s teeth for long periods, covering the teeth in acids.

Tooth decay in infants can be minimized or prevented by not allowing sleeping infants to bottle-feed. Infants who need a bottle to fall asleep should be given a water-filled bottle or a pacifier.

Why Are the Baby Teeth Important?

Primary or baby teeth play a crucial role in dental development. A child cannot chew food properly and has difficulty speaking clearly without them. Primary teeth are vital to jaw development and help guide the permanent teeth into place. How your child cares for their primary teeth plays a critical role in how they treat permanent teeth. Children and adults are equally susceptible to plaque and gum problems, so regular care and dental check-ups are needed.

At home, make sure that your child is eating a healthy diet. Various foods from the five food groups help minimize and avoid common dental problems like cavities. Healthy foods like vegetables, low-fat yogurt, and cheeses promote strong teeth.

Family Dentistry Treatment in Colmar, PA

Our routine treatments can benefit patients from different age groups. We typically recommend dental sealants for children aged 6 to 14. Sealants are coatings we place over the molars in the back of the mouth, which are more prone to decay because they may be difficult to clean.

Our fluoride treatments are also routine and can benefit patients of all ages. After regular dental cleaning, we will apply a fluoride varnish on the teeth to strengthen the enamel. Fluoride helps remineralize teeth and protect them from cavities and tooth decay. 

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